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2018 Price list 

Terms & Conditions


Please contact me via my website links page, Facebook page or i.boldy@btinternet.com for any individual or team enquiries for the 2018 race season.

Digital Download

 Digital Download For Personal Use just  :- £5.50 Per Print Per Download in Full Hi Resolution - They must NOT be used for Commercial purposes in any way. 


A Full Race Weekend Photography Package

Ian is offering to the Thundersport GB paddock in 2018 a full weekend Race package, this will involve taking photographs of your Team or individual riders over the full race weekend from Friday test day to Sunday last race. 

Photographs will be sent Via CD disk a few days after the weekend has finished.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements soonest.


Commercial Photography

Please contact Ian for any commercial photography requests.

Commercial vs Non-commercial

Another important consideration when taking pictures is whether the images are for commercial use. There's no clear-cut photographic or legal definition between the classifications at the point of image capture.

When you take a picture, the ultimate destination for that image may not be clear - a picture you take for personal use could be used in the future for commercial gain.

Non-commercial photography is any photo taken for which you don't receive commercial reward. This includes competition entries taken in good faith.

Commercial photography is everything else, including pictures shot to sell as prints or through stock websites, advertising, calendars or commissioned work.

Commercial and corporate photographers also sell their clients usage rights based on individual client requirements. For commercial work (for example photographs of the client’s objects, products, food, or property) the photographer will sell the client a License (separately to the fees for their time) which will reflect the intended purpose of the photographs – for example their use on the client’s website, in the client’s brochure or intranet, or in a trade magazine. A commercial License might also grant the client exclusive rights to those images for the specified timescale, so that no third party can have access to those images in that period. A commercial agreement may be worth several thousands of pounds, particularly if the images are to be used in large advertisements with a great many print runs. A fee must be calculated for each time an image is downloaded or printed and this is factored into the usage License (rather like a musician licensing their music for use on a website, or for use in a pub or restaurant). A good idea of what it costs to use a picture can be obtained by visiting the large stock agencies such as Getty or Alamy.


Thank you