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Copyright information & the small print.


Sorry to have to put this down in writing but some people have been acquiring images from my site without agreement or purchase.

Most people are happy to buy their images from this website for their own personal use. This includes uploading them to social media websites, or e-mailing to friends/relatives, or even printing them as big as possible to display proudly on their wall. you can buy prints via my website or upload a digital copy for a small cost. Commercial use is prohibited without prior arrangement.

Copyright and all intellectual property rights remain with the author (Ian Boldy of Ian Boldy Superbike Photography) for ALL images, purchased or otherwise.

To that end, anyone found downloading unauthorised copies of images and screen grabs from this website, will be subject to legal proceedings in accordance with national and international copyright laws. Compensation in addition to the purchase price of the original image/images will also be sought. 

Not knowing that using unauthorised images is against copyright laws is no defence, especially after reading this notice. As such, compensation claims will still be made. Sorry to have to spell it out, but this is my livelihood and you have the option whether or not to buy the images. If you like the images and the price, then purchase them and use them legally. If you don't like the images, or the price, don't buy and don't use them.

Please Please Please, If you are in any doubt contact me.  


Many thanks,